Professional Noise and Vibration Consulting


Studio DesignDetailed listening and recording are a speciality of Matrix Acoustics. Having design over a dozen studios in Queensland, we understand what is required to achieve a performance recording and listening space.

We have helped many studios tune their speakers and acoustics to maximise the performance of their room, and have tried and true building contacts who are able to build and install any treatments you may require.



Wavelength Studios at Nundah is a great example of the quality of work you can expect from Matrix Acoustics. Designed in conjunction with Latemore Architects, the project won both state and national awards.


Wavelength Studio






Want to really know what is going on in your control room or recording space? We have the latest measurement software and equipment, as well as custom, in house, software that you won't find anywhere else. We are as commited to high performance audio as you are. Having designed many studios and measured and corrected even more, we understand what is required to make your mixes translate from your monitoring environment into the greater world of audio.


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