Professional Noise and Vibration Consulting

Construction Vibration

Vibration WaveVibration management is something that you don't want to get wrong. Services like gas mains, water, fibre optic cables and underground power can all be damaged by vibration. Houses and buildings can also suffer with cracking and plaster wall damage from minimal vibration levels.




Vibratory Roller

There are many causes of vibration during a construction project. Rollers, pile driving, rock breakers, even heavy truck movements can cause vibration that is noticable at nearby receivers. Matrix Acoustics has extensive experience in vibration management in all size projects from single line underboring, through to multi-billion dollar construction projects.


We have complete vibration monitoring suite: from spot measurements through to permenant vibration stations that send email and text alerts to construction managers if a vibration threshold is exceeded.


We have protected major projects from causing damage and undue interference from vibration, and also from frivolous and vexatious complainants.


We hire vibration and noise monitoring equipment here.



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