Services provided:
  • Development Applications
  • Road traffic noise
  • Rail noise
  • Aircraft noise
  • Quarries and land fill
  • Mines, oil and gas, refineries
  • Occupational noise health and safety
  • Construction noise and vibration
  • Recording studios
  • Concert performance venues
  • Loudspeaker design and testing
  • Public address systems
  • EWIS and tunnels
  • Church acoustics and PA
  • Liquor licensing noise assessments
  • Noise complaint investigation
  • Education facilities
  • 3D modelling
  • Auralisation
  • Environmental impact studies (EIS)
  • Environmental management plans
  • Vibration investigations
  • Expert witness

Welcome to Matrix Acoustics

Matrix Acoustics is a professional acoustics consulting company. With it's beginnings in Matrix Audio, an internal acoustics design company started in 2000, Matrix Acoustics has a strong grounding in the fundamentals of not just how noise is made, but how it is heard.


    Why is this important?


It means we are able to advise how people will react to noise and vibration, not just report numbers. When you need reliable measurements and advice, we are able to deliver.

With experience in all sectors of acoustics and vibration, and RPEQ service available where required, Matrix Acoustics can deliver all your acoustic and vibration requirements.